Using the Parking Brake in a Mazda CX-5

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The Mazda CX-5 is a crossover SUV manufactured by Japanese car maker Mazda. It has been one of the brand’s most popular choices among car enthusiasts. Along with fuel efficiency and excellent driving pleasure, the CX-5 is also known for its safety features.

One of the unique features of the Mazda CX-5 is the parking brake. Unlike the other cars in the SUV spectrum, the CX-5 has an electric parking brake. This mechanism is slowly replacing the traditional handbrake as car manufacturers are constantly looking to making driving easier. The electric handbrake is known to be more reliable than the regular handbrake and holds your car safely in place.

The electric parking brake in your Mazda CX-5 can be applied when the car is in ignition. To activate the parking brake, press down on the brake pedal and pull up on the Parking switch located close to your gear stick. An indicator light comes on in your instrument cluster. Note that your electric parking brake will not function if your car battery is discharged. Constantly applying and releasing the switch in a short period of time will also cause the parking brake to stop operating for about a minute to prevent the motor from overheating.

To automatically release your electric parking brake, you will need to depress the accelerator pedal and make sure that the engine is running, the door on the driver’s side is closed and his seat belt is fastened. The gear should be in Neutral and the clutch pedal should be depressed halfway. To manually release the brake, depress the brake pedal and press the switch.

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