Twin Turbochargers And Electric Supercharger: Mazda’s Latest Patent

As the saying goes in Alice In Wonderland, “Curiouser and curiouser,” which aptly describes our reaction to news of Mazda’s latest patent filing.  The patent is for a triple-charged engine.  Is this another engine breakthrough for Mazda?  What future plans does Mazda have in store utilizing a twin engine configuration with an electric supercharger?  CardinaleWay Mazda Corona, your favorite Corona dealership, is just as intrigued as everyone else. we can hardly wait to see what Mazda has up its sleeve!

How A Triple-Charged Engine Works

Mazda’s design for a triple-charged engine is comprised of twin turbocharged engines with an electric supercharger.  In theory, this triple combination engine system works when the electric supercharger kickstarts the engine.  In response, this revs up the dual turbochargers for a significant burst of horsepower.  Typically, you would envision a triple-charged engine in a rear-wheel drive vehicle.

The Million Dollar Question

A patent for the triple-charged engine does not necessarily mean that Mazda has a concept car on the drawing board to accommodate the new engine design. However, it begs the million dollar question circulating in the auto industry… does Mazda plan to utilize this triple-charged engine in the near future?  It’s quite possible that this type of triple-charged engine would be well-suited for an RX-8 successor.

Mazda Is A Leader In Cutting-Edge Automotive Technology

We’re proud to stand behind the Mazda brand, a leader in cutting-edge automotive technology.  Stay tuned for more developments on the status of Mazda’s patent for a triple-charged engine. Stop by CardinaleWay Mazda Corona and check out our impressive inventory of the latest Mazda sports car models and Certified Preowned vehicles.  From the popular 2017 Mazda CX-5 crossover SUV to the all-new 2017 Mazda Miata MX-5 RF hardtop convertible, you’re sure to find the perfect vehicle.

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