Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

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Canine companions are treated as a member of the family for many of us. They often accompany us on long treks or even short trips.  With the holiday season upon us, now is a good time to review some pointers for keeping your canine companion safe during road trips.


  1. Safely contain your canine. If there is an accident, the last thing you want is for Fido to escape your vehicle in the chaos and become lost or separated from you.  If you have enough cargo space, place your dog in a crate or invest in a canine harness that connects to a seat belt.


  1. Don’t forget to update pet ID tags or collar to include your cell phone number, not just your home number. Also, if your canine is microchipped, it’s a good idea to have a copy of the microchip number with you.


  1. Some states require proof of Rabies vaccination. Bring along a copy of the Rabies certificate and any other pertinent health records.  Don’t forget to include your Vet’s business card for contact information.




  1. Pack for your dog, too. Include the following:  kibble, water jugs, leash, toys, water and food bowls, disposable poop bags, any medications, brush, blanket, roll of paper towels, plastic bags, treats, old towel and chew bones.


  1. Stop every three to four hours for exercise and potty breaks. Rest areas are an ideal spot for this, but require that your pet be on a leash.  Pay attention to signs directing you to designated pet areas.  Be considerate and clean up after your pet.


  1. Plan ahead for overnight accommodations and make sure they are pet-friendly. Some accommodations do not permit dogs, or charge an extra non-refundable pet fee.  It’s a good idea to check beforehand so there are no surprises.


  1. Ensure that the temperature inside your vehicle is comfortable for your pet. Direct cool air into the rear cargo area and make sure Fido isn’t in direct sunlight.


  1. Keep some of the same routines as you would at home. Feed at normal times, and if Fido is accustomed to a long walk, indulge him.


  1. Hiking, swimming in a lake or creek, camping or tossing a Frisbee in a park are examples of activities that you can do with your dog. If hiking in hot weather, be sure to take along water for Fido and keep him cool to avoid heat stroke.


  1. On a more somber note, never leave your canine companion alone in a vehicle. Most become stressed at being separated from their humans.  They could also become overheated quickly, and a passerby may become concerned enough to break your car window to save Fido.  You also don’t want to risk your beloved pet being stolen from your vehicle.


Planning ahead for the safety of your canine companion can make your travels more enjoyable and carefree.  If you’re in the market for a dog-friendly vehicle, check out #MazdaCorona.  Our Mazda Corona dealership has a vast selection.  Our Sales team will be glad to assist you, or visit our website at for all your automotive needs.  Be sure to check out our latest Mazda sports car models.







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