The Benefits of a Rotary Wankel Engine


A rotary engine or a Wankel engine is a type of internal combustion engine. It has an eccentric rotary design. It was conceived by Felix Wankel, a German engineer and a Wankel engine is very light. It has far less moving parts than that of a piston engine of the same caliber and is far simpler than a piston engine as well. Following are the main advantages of a Wankel engine:

  • When compared to a piston engine, a Wankel engine has a far higher power to weight ratio and is approximately 1/3rd its size.
  • A Wankel engine has no reciprocating components.
  • The rpm (revolutions per minute) ratio is significantly higher than that of a piston engine.
  • The engine makes no vibration during operation.
  • A Wankel engine is not prone to engine knock or knocking. (Knocking happens when the fuel/air mixture combustion in the cylinder does not start off correctly upon ignition).
  • Since the engine consists of only a few parts, a Wankel engine is cheaper to manufacture and mass-produce.
  • The engine’s breathing is far superior to that of a piston one since the main shaft rotation is 270 degrees rather than 180 degrees.
  • A Wankel engine has the capacity to provide torques for about 2/3rd of the combustion cycle.
  • The range of speed is wider.
  • Wider octane-rated fuels can be used in a Wankel engine.
  • Sump oil contamination does not happen on some Wankel engines, which means no oil change is required.

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