Technology is Changing How Repairs and Claims are Made

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Technology on wheels is how you can describe today’s automobiles. Most of them have onboard computers, an array of cameras and sensors and radars, microprocessors, automated safety features, and so on. The Most Wanted List of Transportation Improvements for 2016 of the National Traffic Safety Board mandates making crash avoidance technology standard in all vehicles. It also mandates implementing the latest safety features and disconnecting driver-distracting items. According to the Arlington-based Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, around 50% of the 2015-model vehicles are equipped with crash prevention technology. However, 72% of the vehicles currently on the road are 6 or more than 6 years old. That means, only a small percentage of vehicles on the road has the accident-reducing technology available on them.

Now, technology has certainly improved vehicle safety, however, the same technology is causing a distraction to the drivers as well. Just a quick glance at your mobile phone to check messages or answering a call could potentially lead to an accident. According to the National Safety Council, in the year 2013, 20% of the auto accidents were related to mobile phone usage while driving. The statistic is only getting higher.

2015 saw a rise in auto claims, and it is only getting higher. The increased use of technology is also impacting the repair costs as a result of the more complex parts and the additional labor hours required. It is imperative that the claims professionals get updated with these technologies so that they could have a better handle when dealing with claims.

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