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Mazda’s Fastest Car: RX-7 Spirit R


The Mazda RX-7 can be termed as a Japanese classic. This car is symbolic of the thriving golden era witnessed by the Japanese automotive industry. Whether it’s the exterior looks or the engine performance, Mazda has been a hit among drivers right from the beginning.

The RX-7 Spirit R by Mazda is somewhat the air-cooled Porsche, though it might not resemble it. We can best describe the RX-7 twin-turbo as edgy and nervy. Clearly, the speed engineering was given priority over all other factors in designing this speedy number.

You will be blown away by how the factory suspension gets settled into a curve and how the steering wheel almost comes alive when you’re driving the Mazda RX-7. You almost feel as if you’re a part of the car with the fixed-back lightweight Recaros. There is no way that you can go ‘slow’ in the Mazda RX-7 Spirit R.

Imagine the Mazda Spirit R darting from the dark shadows into the beautiful California sunshine, picking up a brilliant pace as it continues to move. Upon test driving, a team reported the burning of ten gallons fuel within seventy miles of traveling. This included pit stops for taking pictures as well as halting for traffic.

Test drivers claim that there is no way that the Mazda RX-7 Spirit R can be driven gently. It is just not made for that kind of driving. If you wish to check out the latest Mazda vehicles, do visit the CardinaleWay Mazda Corona showroom.





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