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Performance and Materials Used in KODO Cars

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

Mazda 3

KODO cars include the new Mazda3, CX-5, Mazda6, and CX-9. All the KODO (Soul of Motion) cars are constructed with quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship. The interior features leather-trimmed upholstery and scalloped seats, which provides for a rich look, and immense comfort. The perforated holes in the upholstery are spaced so precisely that it not only enriches the aesthetics of the cabin but also enhances the acoustics.

Mazda has used bioplastics for the construction of its KODO cars. The company has actually developed the world’s first bioplastics in collaboration with the Industry-Academia-Government. The bioplastics can be employed successfully in the production of vehicles. The advantage of using bioplastics is that it helps to lessen the utilization of fossil fuels. This process is carbon-neutral; so, the KODO cars are environmentally-friendly as well. Mazda also engineered the color Soul Red; when the company looked for a color to compliment the KODO design, they were not able to find it. Thus Soul Red was born through an advanced 3 step painting process. The 3-Layer Wet Paint System is something that Mazda developed themselves and it is the first technology in the whole world to lessen VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and carbon dioxide emissions simultaneously.

The alloy wheels on the KODO cars not only look stunning but provide for improved handling and produce minimal vibration while also having good resistance to the external elements as well. The SKYACTIV technology helps to reduce fuel consumption and provides for greater performance. The iActiveSense technology provides for the safety of the KODO cars.

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