The SkyActiv Feature: A New Technology For Mazda’s CX-5, Part II

Mazda CX-5 interior

There is no compact crossover that pulls ahead of Mazda’s CX-5. It’s engine never disappoints in fuel efficiency and power. The SkyActiv powertrain is a key player in what makes the CX-5 such a hot buy.


How do we know that this new technology won’t disappoint? The SkyActiv-D engine was made to be used with Euro VI fuels. The Philippines was still operating with Euro IV fuels but Mazda was able modify the engine to work with those fuels.


Have you been looking for a car that performs well yet is easy on gas? Some characteristics of the engine are twin turbochargers, variable valve timing and 173 horsepower with 420 Newton meters of torque. Thankfully, these will deliver speed on the highway and good fuel efficiency.


The CX-5 has one of the smoothest steering wheels you’ve ever had. It gets a lot of praise and this is why: it has great response. The wheel responds smoothly to your moves and the whatever the road brings. If you were to drive one today, you’ll probably notice that the brakes are just as responsive. It really makes for more comfortable and confident drive.


Mazda has always been devoted to safety, so you can rest assured that there will be a collection of safety features in any Mazda model you may purchase. The CX-5 will have six airbags, traction/stability control, adaptive headlights, lane keep assist/lane departure warning, ABS-EBD brakes and tire pressure monitoring system.


This compact crossover is a great car for those who are looking for looks, reliability, performance, fuel economy and safety. It’s such a versatile car. We can picture a family in it, an outdoorsy person, a young student and so much more.

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