Reading The Window Sticker On A New Car


Have you ever taken a walk around a car lot and found yourself trying to figure out all the information on that window sticker? Those window stickers actually have a name–#Monroneys. As you probably already know, they have everything the buyer needs to know about the vehicle they are looking at and what’s included in the purchase. The name Monroney comes directly from Oklahoma Senator Mike Monroney’s name. He worked to make sure car buyers knew what they were getting before the purchase.

Like mattress tags, a Monroney is applied by the manufacturer and can only be removed by the purchaser. Every Monroney is individual to the car its on and it has that car’s VIN listed on it. If you look at the price on it, you’ll see that there is a list of items that add up to the final price. If a cost isn’t included for an item you know the car has, then you know that the item is included in the price.


The car’s name and MPG rating are bolded and in prominent font. It’s important to remember that these numbers are a testing result and fuel economy on the car may differ from this.


Aside from this bolded information, you’ll see that items and features will be listed below. There is quite a bit of information to review there. A quick tip–take a picture of the window sticker with your camera phone or ask a sales staff member to provide you with a copy. That way, you’ll be able to review it in the comfort of your own home and at your own leisure.


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