Mazda6: What’s To Come in 2017, Part I

Mazda 6 2017 4

It’s almost the end of the year and we are gearing up for the next batch of models coming in for 2017. A lot of inquiries are flying around about all of our models and we are ready to discuss them with all of you. Today though, we will focus on our beloved sedan, the #Mazda6. We will be giving you the rundown on what to expect on the new model and how it differs from the latest one. There’s lots of great improvements. Of course, you know Mazda is constantly innovating. Let’s do this!


Be ready to experience the luxury of Mazda’s new technology called G-Vectoring control. This system works to shift the car weight forward or backward to better control tire grip on the road. This results in a purposeful drive with minimized unpredictabilities such as slipping, dragging or skidding. You’ll really appreciate this feature when cornering, swerving and even braking. We love this because a car shouldn’t feel chaotic at all. We want to feel confidence when driving it.


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G-Vectoring control will be introduced to all Mazda models. So, if you’re thinking about getting a Mazda6 or another one of our models, rest-assured on that. This new Japanese technology is exclusive to Mazda so you be sure to check it out as soon as possible!
So, there you go. A bunch of more reasons to love the Mazda6. We invite you to come view one at CardinaleWay Mazda in Corona. Our sales staff is happy to assist in your search. You’re also more than welcome to take one on a test drive. Experience the feel of a new 2017 Mazda6. We’re here to help you gather all the info you need before trading in or purchasing a new car. Our website has our full current inventory. Check it out at






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