Mazda Wants to Built Lighter Cars, not More Powerful Ones

Mazda 2

The Mazda Miata is one of the lightest cars that is available in the automobile market today. Mazda is planning to make this 2,313-pound vehicle even lighter in the future. According to Dave Coleman, Lead Development Engineer at Mazda North America Operations R&D Center, Irvine, CA, their only focus as of now is making the Miata lighter, and not in making the car more powerful. Coleman says that a turbocharged engine does not fit in with the ethos of Miata. However, there is ample room to make the car lighter and improved. Making the Miata lighter is a long-term project and an objective that will be focused on to ensure optimal results that meet the expectations of Mazda drivers and enthusiasts. The company is hoping to find a technology that will allow them to successfully complete their project at a reasonable cost.

Last year, Mazda made it clear that they would not be making a more powerful Miata like the 2004-2005 turbocharged Mazdaspeed Miata. The company is focused on making a Miata that is lower powered, but no less fun to drive. According to the Project Manager for the MX-5, Nobuhiro Yamamoto, more power means bigger tires, bigger brakes, and increased car rigidity, which all results in a heavier car. It is not the direction that people want, so the company is not willing to take that step, rather, weight reduction will further assist in meeting in the middle for Mazda and its vehicle owners.

Experts agree that a lighter Miata would definitely be fun-to-drive.

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