Mazda MX-5 Hill Hold Assist Feature

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Mazda has always attached a lot of importance on ensuring safety and its cars over the years bear testimony to that. However, Mazda MX-5 has taken the concept of vehicular safety to a whole new level altogether. With a lot of other features, the Hill Hold Assist technology is set to redraw the entire concept of safety. It is one feature that prevents the possibility of the car accidentally rolling down a hill when the driver is pulling it away.

When the driver takes the car off along a slope, the technology functions such that the car doesn’t roll in the backward direction just in case the driver loses the controls to the brake. The brake is maintained automatically. Along slopes that are not dangerous, the brake gets released immediately while the accelerator is pushed in order to give it a smooth start. On slopes that are steeper and more difficult, the brakes get released only after the requisite amount of torque is produced.

The safety system has the ability to act independently when stopped along a slope. It lets the driver drive the vehicle in a safe mode without much effort. However, it is equally pertinent to remember that no technology can replace human endeavor. So, the technology is not a replacement for driving finesse and expertise that lets the car go along safely.

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