Mazda To Introduce Its Electric Cars in 2019



Electric cars are becoming a thing of the future as states are beginning to enforce emission regulations. Not all of America is there yet but enough states have begun. Enough to incite Mazda to do something about it. California itself has mandated rising sales of these type of cars.


Mazda CEO Masamichi Kogai has spoken on this, saying, “We’ve set the goal at 2019 to accommodate the ZEV regulations in North America.”


The great news about Mazda is that it is such an original, innovative brand. If you know Mazda like we do, then you know that when these vehicles arrive, they won’t be cookie-cutter versions of other electric cars found in America (or anywhere else). Just like the new MX-5 RF stood apart from other hardtop convertibles by excelling in areas that others lack, Mazda is sure to do the same. In fact, Mr. Kogai confirmed our suspicions and said not only are these electric cars going to have features not found elsewhere, but engineers are currently exploring ways to extend car battery life when it’s almost dead.




This is just one way that Mazda is keeping up with driver’s needs. Just one close look at their models will show you how committed they are to delivering a pleasurable driving experience.


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