The Mazda CX-9 Provides Benefits For The Entire Mazda Lineup


The CX-9’s turbocharged Skyactiv engine has been a favorite among Mazda’s engineers. Since the idea’s inception and introduction in production, the team has dabbled with the idea of putting it in other vehicles. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that when it came to swapping engines, the CX-9’s was the obvious choice.

The CX-5 can surely take a few pointers from the CX-9. But there’s more help pouring in. Mazda 6’s new diesel 2.2L SkyActiv-D engine is also being eyed by the crossover.

When it comes to spilling the beans on its marvelous turbo engine or its introduction in future lineups, Mazda is tight-lipped. But it is actively looking to push its hybrids into the American market. Strict regulations concerning safety and design have eluded the coveted market for over 2 years.

It is more likely that if the turbo engine would find its way into another model, it would be the Mazda 6. Don’t discount the chance that the CX-5 will share the same, going by market observations.

There is a possibility of Mazda bringing the turbo-four engine crossover into the market by next year, which is quite a short wait. If you are looking for the SkyActiv-D engine then it could get longer because there isn’t any talk from the makers to introduce it sooner than 2018.

Until you hear an official announcement from the carmaker, the future of this powertrain can only be speculated. Catch up on Mazda’s latest news stories, technologies, and lineups by paying a visit to CardinaleWay Mazda Corona.





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