A Great First Car: The Mazda CX-3, Part I

Mazda CX-3

The #MazdaCX-3 has been flying off our lot. It’s always been a good car, and since its debut it has remained a popular option. It seems now that SUVs are more popular than ever before, the CX-3 keeps doing well in the car market. It is Mazda’s smallest SUV and it is a great option as a first car for that young person in your life. Maybe it’s you, or maybe you have a teenager or young adult about to make that first purchase. Whatever the case may be, we’d love to tell why this car rocks as a first ever car.


Since our Grand Touring trim is our best-selling trim, we will start there. The Grand Touring trim is Mazda’s most luxurious and complete package. It basically has everything you could ask for and the price isn’t bad at approximately $28,500. The exterior body is sleek and attractive, and far from looking ridiculous at its size. It’s Mazda’s most compact SUV, with the midsize being the CX-5 and the largest one the CX-9. The rims on the tires are designed with matte-black arches that make the wheel appear larger with more depth. It’s a good-looking wheel, and we’re sure you’ll like what you see.


Most of the people who buy the CX-3 do so for economic reasons. They’re looking for a small vehicle that delivers. Mazda has successfully engineered the engine to be more gas efficient while still giving you great gas mileage at 25 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway. The combined mpg is 29.


Feel free to pay us a visit here at CardinaleWay Mazda in Corona. We’d love to show you the CX-3 in person. It’s the best subcompact SUV in the market today. Don’t miss out on it! Check out our website for a close look at our current inventory online at www.CardinaleWayMazdaCorona.com.






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