Get More Money For Trade-In Or Resale



Ready to trade in your vehicle to the dealership or offer it for sale to a private buyer?  Since depreciation is a given, you’ll want to do everything you can to increase the value of your vehicle.  Here are some pointers to maximize your vehicle’s worth:


First impressions count, so definitely concentrate on the exterior of your vehicle.  The goal is to make it shiny!  Wash your vehicle and apply a coat of wax.  Do it yourself, apply elbow grease and keep rubbing until it gleams.  Use a cleaner specifically formulated for headlights to brighten dull headlights. Shine the rims on the wheels and add air to the tires if they are looking low.   Minimize any visible scratches.


Get to work on the interior, and vacuum the carpet. Shampoo carpet if it is badly stained.  Hose off rubber floor mats or invest in new car mats for a spiffier look.  Clean the upholstery or leather seats.  Use a glass cleaner on the windows and rearview mirror.   Run a damp rag over the dash and control panel.  Remove any gear, loose change or trash.  If your vehicle smells stale, hang an air-freshener from your rearview mirror.  Don’t forget about the trunk – vacuum it, as well.


Next, pop the hood.  Use a rag to dust off the engine.  Remove any corrosion from the battery by using a wire brush or battery spray.  Inspect the hoses and make sure there are no leaks.  Check the oil level and if low, add more oil.




Locate your registration, title and owner’s manual.  You should have records or invoices for all your vehicle’s service and repair, including any accident reports.  Keep this paperwork with your owner’s manual.  A complete history of your vehicle is an incentive for prospective buyers.


Some things you just can’t control such as high mileage.  Either DIY or use an auto detailer to increase the value of your trade in or resale.  Present a vehicle that shows pride in ownership and you can generate extra income to apply towards your new vehicle.


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