CardinaleWay Mazda Corona Suggests “Boredom Busters” For Road Trips With Children

Traveling with children during Summer road trips can often be challenging.  How many times do you anticipate you’ll hear the refrain, “Are we there yet?”  Or the non-stop complaints of children confined in close quarters, such as, “He’s breathing on me and he has stinky breath!”  CardinaleWay Mazda Corona, your favorite Corona dealership, has a solution to how you can make your road trip more enjoyable for the entire family.

Games You Can Play With Your Children On Road Trips

Make the hours fly by when you engage your children in fun games.  The possibilities are endless, but we’ve listed a few that will surely resonate with your youngsters:

  1. Probably the most popular road game is, “I Spy.” Since you are constantly moving while traveling, restrict the item spied to what can be found in your vehicle.  Everyone takes a turn and recites, “I spy with my little eye, and the color is ______.”  Take turns guessing what the item might be.
  2. The “License Plate Game” is geared toward the older set, eight years and up, who can read and write. The object is to spot license plates from as many different U.S. states as possible.  This will require paper and pencil or pen.  You’ll be amazed how long you can keep this game going!
  3. This one may take some advanced planning, but “Road Sign Bingo” is a great game to keep the kids occupied. You’ll need to make sturdy stock board Bingo cards with signs for common restaurants such as (McDonalds, Cracker Barrel) and gas stations (Shell, BP), and tourist destinations that you know will be on your route.  Have them watch for billboard signs and provide them with stickers to put on their Bingo boards when they find a matching sign board.  First one to get five in a row to spell “BINGO,” wins.
  4. Read a familiar fairy tale to your children, then ask them to retell it by changing the names of the characters and the circumstances. Get everyone involved, even Dad. You can start the re-telling by giving an opening sentence and then appoint the next person to add their narrative.  It’s fun to write it all down so that when you’re done, you have something to add to your vacation scrapbook.
  5. For younger children, play “ABC Scavenger Hunt” and ask them to identify objects they see along the route that start with the corresponding letter of the alphabet. For instance, “C” is for cow or “T” is for truck.  They may need some hints, but it’s a great way for them to learn their alphabet.

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