A Guide to Popular Mazda 3 Sedan Mods

Mazda is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, selling almost 300,000 units in 2022.

There are various types of Mazdas to fit anyone's needs. Among them, the Mazda 3 is one of the most popular. On top of being a very impressive car, there are plenty of Mazda 3 sedan mods that can make it even better. If you're interested in buying one, you'll want to know about the various upgrades you can get for it.

In this guide, we'll look at some of the best upgrades to make driving a Mazda 3 a far better experience. Keep reading for more.

Style Mods

There are plenty of types of mods that have different effects. Style mods affect the look and feel of your car, and you can use them to make your Mazda sedan look exactly how you want it to.


You can modify the exterior of your Mazda 3 in a range of ways, such as with a body kit, a new paint job, and window tints. With these modifications, the main factor is appearance, so the choices you make all come down to your style preference.

Bear in mind that some exterior modifications can have other effects. Window tints, for example, offer UV protection and more privacy.

Wraps are also becoming very popular as a way to protect the surface of your car. You can get a clear one that's essentially completely invisible, or you can use a wrap to completely change the color of your car.


New wheels are one of the most popular choices for car modifications. There's an almost endless number of choices, so you can upgrade from your stock wheels with ease. The range available means that there's something to suit everyone's budget and style preferences.


There are also plenty of interior mods to choose from, such as seat covers, new steering wheels, or even internal lighting. Some people consider this to be the most important part of a car to upgrade. It's where you sit, after all, so the changes you make here will affect your whole driving experience.

Power Mods

A lot of people like to get as much power out of their cars as possible. While the Mazda 3 already has plenty of power, but there are various mods you can go for to push it to the max.


The stock air box and paper filter on a lot of cars are quite restrictive. You can swap this out for a short ram intake to increase the overall horsepower of your Mazda 3.

There are different models available, so take your budget into account to determine what's best for you. It's worth noting that these will also lead to some amazing induction sounds which a lot of people see as a bonus.


An upgraded exhaust is a classic choice that can affect the performance of your car. Sports cats or catless downpipes are both great choices if you want to generate more power. Both of these will also help the engine run cooler which can reduce wear and tear, extending it's lifespan.

Like an upgraded intake, a new exhaust will produce a new noise. For a lot of people, this is the main reason to upgrade the exhaust. It can be worth listening to sound clips from different exhausts so that you can find one you really like.

It's worth noting that you don't need to upgrade the entire exhaust. You should if you want to achieve as much flow as possible, but you can get the axle back if you're only after a new sound.

Handling Mods

There are a lot of elements in the driving experience, and the handling of a car is one of the most important. You can add handling mods to your Mazda 3 to make it feel better on the road.

Springs, Shocks, and Struts

Upgrading your suspension system can make for better handling and smoother driving. This comes in part from the system itself, and it also gives you the chance to lower the car (and its center of gravity) which helps further. Most people prefer the lowered look too, so you may do this for that reason alone.

If you prefer, you can even get adjustable suspension systems. With these, you can control the height of your car with ease.


The importance of safety in a car cannot be understated, and quality brakes are vital for this. The stock brakes that come with your Mazda 3 will be suitable, but you can easily invest in better brakes if you prefer.

It may be worth waiting until your current brakes have worn down a bit first. This will happen with even the highest-quality brakes, so you might as well get what you can out of the ones you have on before switching.

Sway Bar

As standard, almost all cars are tuned with an understeer bias out of the factory. This makes them safer and easier to drive at their limit.

With that in mind, you may want to eliminate the understeering bias, and you can do this by upgrading the sway bar. If you change both your sway bar and suspension, you need to consider how they'll work together.

Lowering a car changes its suspension geometry. This can cause issues with the sway bar by incorrectly preloading it.

You might then experience some unpredictable handling characteristics and it can even cause damage. You can use adjustable end links to preload the swaybar properly and avoid this issue.

Your Mazda 3 Sedan Mods

With all of these Mazda 3 sedan mods (and many more) available, it can all be a bit overwhelming. The main takeaway, however, is knowing that you can make all kinds of changes to your Mazda 3 to make it just right.

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