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SPECIALS ON SERVICE FROM Cardinaleway Mazda Corona

Service specials available from Cardinaleway Mazda Corona keep your vehicle performing as its best.

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The service team at Cardinaleway Mazda Corona has been factory-trained to provide you with exceptional service and ensure your vehicle is performing at its best. View current specials on service from Cardinaleway Mazda Corona below.


30k & 90k

Mile Major Service

-Replace Engine Oil -Install Genuine Mazda Oil Filter -Lube as necessary -Clean and adjust rear brakes -Inspect pads and rotors -Throttle body service -Test Battery -Rotate tires -Replace engine air filter -Replace cabin air filter -Inspect all fluids -Perform multi- point inspection

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CardinaleWay Mazda Corona Special

Minor Service


Save on a minor service at CardinaleWay Mazda Corona.

CardinaleWay Mazda Corona Special

Four-Wheel Alignment


Includes inspection of the front & rear suspension/steering components, adjustment of toe-in, camber and caster if applicable.

CardinaleWay Mazda Corona Special

Multi-Point Inspection


Bring your vehicle in for a Multi-Point Inspection at NO CHARGE. From inspecting belts and hoses to checking tire pressure and battery terminals, our Factory Certified Technicians will make sure your vehicle is in great shape.

CardinaleWay Mazda Corona Special

Engine & Cabin Air Filter

$129.95 + tax

We'll replace your cabin AND engine air filter!

CardinaleWay Mazda Corona Special

Cabin Air Filter

15% Off
CardinaleWay Mazda Corona Special


In Stock
15% Off
CardinaleWay Mazda Corona Special

Brake Fluid Exchange


Save on brake fluid exchange service today!

CardinaleWay Mazda Corona Special

Oil Filter


Change the Filter Every Time the Oil Is Changed. The oil filter keeps the oil in your engine clear of larger contaminants.

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