How You Can Make Your Gas Mileage Go Further

CardinaleWay Mazda Corona, your local Corona Dealership, has some great ideas to increase your vehicle’s gas mileage.  Try any of these suggestions and you might be surprised to discover how you can save money at the gas pump!  Everyone likes to save money, right?

For starters, probably the best way to save at the pump is to drive a later model.  Fuel economy on newer cars are almost always improved over older models.  Consider trading in an older model and invest in a new vehicle.  Don’t forget that he best place to make a trade-in deal is right here at CardinaleWay Mazda Corona!

  • Follow a regular auto maintenance plan.  Routine oil filter changes, tire rotations and other services will make your car run more efficiently and improve fuel economy.
  • Remove any excess baggage that makes your car heavier and work harder.  An overhead luggage rack will also burn additional fuel, so take it off unless you are going on vacation.
  • Driving aggressively will cost you in terms of fuel efficiency.  Instead, drive friendlier and you’ll reap the benefits of extra mileage.
  • In cold weather, warm up your vehicle for thirty seconds.  Then, drive away slowly to conserve fuel.

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