The i-Activ AWD, What you Need to Know

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The i-Activ AWD (All Wheel Drive) technology from Mazda is a fully automatic intelligent AWD system that provides for fuel economy and helps to make your drive safer. It features sensors that have the capacity to check the conditions of the road about two-hundred times every second. The road condition is determined by watching the wipers (whether it is snowing or raining), monitoring the external temperature gauge (whether the outside temperature is freezing or very hot), and so on. The system can also find out the intention of the driver by monitoring factors like the position of the accelerator (cruising mode or accelerating mode or starting mode), the angle of the steering wheel (straight position or turning position), and so on. The i-Activ has the ability to determine whether the road is slippery or not by comparing the steering torque, with the total power flowing via the steering, and the total acceleration force. The system measures the speed on all the four wheels, and if there is a danger of slippage, it will warn you.

The i-Activ AWD technology helps to reduce friction. It helps to enhance the performance of the vehicle and save fuel. It provides for a better traction on the road. This helps not only to enhance the driving experience but also for a very controlled drive. Driving through the snow or rain is always risky. You may not be able to eliminate the risk factor completely, however, with the help of technologies like the i-Activ AWD, you will be able to minimize that risk a lot.

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