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Using Wipers in a Mazda

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016


Windshield wipers are a mandatory commodity in every vehicle. Without them, driving in the rain or snow would be impossible.

Your Mazda is equipped with wipers that function at three different settings – intermittent wipers, variable speed wipers, and auto wipers. To control the windshield wipers, you need to make adjustments on a lever located to the right of the steering wheel. You can use this lever to select between the three settings.

The lever also has a ring that allows you to increase or decrease the speed of the wipers. You have an Auto option as well. To increase or decrease the wiper sensitivity, rotate the ring after you have pushed the lever onto Auto mode. In this mode, the wipers automatically come on and adjust their speed according to the weather conditions and the speed of the vehicle. You can push the lever down to select the speed of the wipers, continuous low speed or continuous high speed operation. Pull the lever towards you to clean the windshield. Washer fluid will spray onto the windshield and the wipers will sweep several times automatically and then stop.

You can use the same lever to operate the rear windshield wiper. Turn the level to select between intermittent and continuous. If you turn the knob all the way, it will activate the wipers to clean the rear windshield. Washer fluid will spray and the wiper will continue sweeping until the switch is released. Replace the fluid in the tank when you see the low washer fluid level warning message illuminate. If you live in cold countries, make sure you use windscreen washer liquid with anti-freeze protection that will help protect you in cold weather conditions.

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