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Snow Testing the i-Activ AWD from Mazda

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

Snowy car

When Mazda began testing for snow capabilities, the intention was to prove that Mazda’s i-Activ AWD technology is just as good as the competition in anything that its rivals had to offer. The i-Activ AWD features sensors (27 of them) that have the capacity to check the conditions of the road nearly two-hundred times every second. The system can also identify the intention of the driver as well, like whether he/she is going to brake, turn or move the vehicle.

During normal driving, i-Active AWD sends around 98% of the car’s power to the front wheels. The system senses the steering angle and torque, rear and front wiper speed, external temperature, steering power, the position of the gas pedal and the gas, speed of the wheel, brake pressure, rpm of the engine, gravitational forces, and the incline angle of the vehicle. It will then determine how the front wheels of the vehicle need to be driven. Then 50% of the engine’s power is sent to the rear wheels in the event of the front wheels slipping. The rear wheels can accommodate 100% of the power as well, in case the front wheels do not have any traction at all. The system allows for a calculated amount of wheel spin in slippery conditions.

During the snow test, along a steeply angled mountain road, the driver never felt like the Mazda vehicle (incorporated with i-Activ AWD), had any problem with traction. According to him, the grip was always there. The vehicle handled very efficiently during acceleration, cornering, and braking.

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