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The 2017 Mazdaspeed 3’s Future Seems Uncertain

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

Mazda 3 logo best October in 21 years

If you’re a big fan of Mazda’s rotary engine, you’ll be happy to know that the automotive manufacturer has finally released some information about the upcoming iterations. The new engine, termed as the ‘SKYACTIV-R’ was first seen under the hood of Mazda’s stunning RX-Vision concept, which was unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show.

According to Mazda, the SKYACTIV-R will define the future of the Wankel engines. The manufacturer also stated that the new engine will be completely new and improved. Many of the issues that affected the RX series engines will not be seen here.

To add to the excitement, Mazda has also dropped hints about the development of a turbocharged rotary that will power the eagerly awaited RX-9. It is believed that the new rotary will need the turbochargers to give it some low-end torque boost. However, the idea still only remains as a possibility. Nevertheless, Mazda is a company that usually does not disappoint and CardinaleWay can’t wait to have the new RX-9 on the showroom floor.

But, despite the suggestion of a better future for the RX-9 and the brand’s re-entry into the performance area of things, there seems to be very little to look forward to as far as the Mazda Performance Series sedans are concerned.

The company cannot seem to make a case for the re-introduction of the Mazdaspeed 3. To make things worse, the Mazda3 sales numbers are pretty low, especially in the US. The sedan has managed to maintain a fair bit of sales momentum in the European and Australian markets. However, in the US, sales have dropped by 4.4 percent.






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