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Mazda’s Hydrogen Vehicles


In this day and age of curbing fuel consumption and ensuring environmental safety, Mazda is one of the few automakers that have taken the issue in its stride. The testimony to that fact can be seen in the form of the Japanese automaker’s brilliant Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine also known as the RENESIS hybrid Rotary Engine.

This particular engine from Mazda is based on the automaker’s signature Rotary Technology. However, the advantage here is that it has been re-designed to accommodate Hydrogen as a fuel, which means no more CO2 production.

Mazda had to make only a few alterations to the original Rotary configuration in order to achieve this level of environmental friendliness. What’s even more unique is that these engines use a dual fuel system that makes then run on either Hydrogen or Gasoline. As a result, owners can drive around even in locations, where there might be no hydrogen stations. It’s the best of both worlds combined.

These hybrid engines also use a lean burn and EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) approach, which means they emit lower levels of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx). The NOx levels are regulated by the lean burn approach at reduced engine speeds and via the EGR and 3-way catalyst at increased engine speeds. The end goal achieved here is that the performance output remains high and emissions remain low.

Also, the RENESIS engines do not suffer backfiring because there are no exhaust and intake valves. Plus, the low and high temperature combustion chambers are separated, which improves the combustion. On the whole, backfiring is eliminated.

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