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Turbocharging the Mazda RX-8


Nothing can be compared to the feel of a rotary engine that is turbocharged. A turbocharged Mazda RX-8 provides for higher output levels and a smooth power delivery. It is ideal to place the turbo low in the chassis in order to yield low temperatures under the hood. This helps to keep the heat away from the electronic devices/components that are heat sensitive. It will also keep the heat away from the plastics in the engine bay and from the rubber hoses.

The lower location is also ideal for providing superior balance to the car. Maintain the full functionality of the Oil Injection system, Secondary Shutter Valve, and the Auxiliary Port Valve. This provides more flexibility to the system and helps to avoid performance compromises. Avoid any alteration or modification to the chassis, let the factory design remain functional and intact. In order to lessen the turbulence and to keep the velocity high when entering the turbo, route the center runner carrying the exhaust fumes/gases through a sweeping radius that is smooth.

Choose the Synapse blow off valve. It stops the air from deadheading and helps to lessen the drag on the compressor wheel. Turbocharging the RX-8 will help to raise the power to around 400 bhp. The 4 port engines are ideal for turbocharging than the 6 port engines. Before going ahead with the turbocharging, make sure that you have a complete kit, as well as a place with all the facilities for such a massive undertaking. For instance, your place should have the facility to run a custom map. Turbocharging can be expensive, however, the result will be well worth it.

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