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The Design of the Mazda Furai Concept

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016


Furai is a design study for Mazda. The company do not intend to race it or make it commercially for sales. The Mazda Furai concept is all about functionality. All the details and every last texture serves one or the other functional purpose. The surface of Furai is designed to accommodate the core elements like the trademark 5-point grille from Mazda and aggressive headlights.

The headlight trim pieces serve as guide frames to eliminate aerodynamic lift, so does the power-pressure areas just above the front wheels. The air flowing under the car is taken by the air flow package and directs it to the cooling radiators (engine). The side surfaces of the car have integrated Nagare textures. It helps to feed air to the back breaks, the transmission cooler, and to the oil cooler. The amount of air drifting via the heat exchangers and the engine compartment is drawn by a diffuser located under the car and pushed out the rear.

The aerodynamics feature of the Furai makes sure that the car remains grounded at high speeds. The cockpit of Furai is very comfortable and practical for the drivers. The steering wheel has built-in shift paddles and an electronic display screen. The doors of the car are attached with butterfly hinges. It helps to enter and exit the cockpit easily. The dark matte finish has orange and red accents. Furai is based on the unique Nagare design from Mazda. As per the company, the concept of Furai is to bridge the gap between Mazda’s production vehicles and Mazda motorsports.

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