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Mazda Stakes Its Hopes For The Future In Its Skyactiv Engines

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

Green Car Reports summarized an interview that was recently conducted with Robert Davis, Mazda’s North American senior vice president. His remarks were enlightening and CardinaleWay Mazda in Corona, your favorite Corona dealership, wants to share his insight with you. We think it will give our consumers a better idea of where Mazda is heading in the near future.

The Future Of Electric Vehicles (EVs)
We’ve all heard the hype about electric vehicles and how they’re going to save the world from emissions pollution. In his interview, Mazda’s Robert Davis has something to say about the future of electric vehicles. For one, he strongly believes that the demand for EVs won’t be as strong if the government takes away the federal tax credit. Right now, that tax credit is a generous $7,500. If the tax credit goes away, Davis thinks the market for EVs will also greatly diminish. We already know that there are still many logistical hurdles to clear for EVs to exist as the dominant vehicle. For instance, a great deal of infrastructure must take place and that could take years, if not decades. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Mazda plans to steer clear of manufacturing EVs. They are simply taking a more cautious approach. In announcing plans for Toyota and Mazda to build a new auto manufacturing plant in the U.S. by 2021, we’re told there are plans for Mazda to work in tandem with Toyota on the development of EVs.

Mazda To Unveil Combustion Engine Next Year
Robert Davis also states Mazda’s position that they’ll continue to invest in their lineup of Skyactiv engines. He also shrugs off the notion that gasoline and diesel engines will soon be a thing of the past. Next year, Mazda plans to unveil its latest Skyactiv engine, a combustion engine that they believe will be extremely fuel efficient. Mazda will continue to pour their money into research and development of their Skyactiv engines. Also interesting to note is that Mazda’s vehicles are among the cleanest in emissions testing.

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