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Mazda’s Next-Generation Car Connectivity System That Enables You to Safely Enjoy the Convenience of Your Smartphone While in Your Car


In this day and age of internet and mobile connectivity, it is only fair that automakers provide the best in their cars to support that kind of connectivity. Mazda happens to be one of the few brands that achieves this and more.

With its next-generation car connectivity system, Mazda makes sure that both, passengers and drivers enjoy the convenience of operating their smartphones on the go, without risking their safety.

The system offers a wide range of benefits that include:

  • Access to several online applications and services like AhaTM via smartphone linking.
  • Software updating to ensure that it never becomes outdated and adapts to evolving smartphone operating systems and functions.
  • Hardware structure flexibility with function specific module units that allow users to perform a range of functions.

The connectivity system is also developed constantly to make sure it can accommodate future services and applications.

Mazda has also developed a next generation HMI in accordance with the automaker’s existing Heads-Up Cockpit idea. The objective of the HMI is to make sure drivers don’t get too distracted while driving, without compromising on their ability to manage information.

For example, a human-centered design cuts down on manual, cognitive, and visual distractions. The cockpit is divided into information specific zones. A 7 inch display remains positioned within the driver’s line of vision, which prevents the driver from lowering his/her eyes.

An Active Driving Display positioned above the meter hood displays critical information such as the speed of the vehicle and navigational directions.

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