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Why Car Color Really Matters According To CardinaleWay Mazda Corona

People usually have a strong preference when it comes to what color car they want to drive.  There may be a variation of preference between men and women, or the younger generation versus more seasoned folks, and also among those of varying occupations.  For instance, business people with high end luxury vehicles overwhelmingly prefer the color silver.  Does color really matter?  Apparently it does, according to CardinaleWay Mazda in Corona and Mazda Dealers California.

The Most Popular Colors For Vehicles

Kelley Blue Book says the most popular color choices among all vehicles are silver, white and black.  The colors that consumers choose have a great deal to do with the colors automakers assign to their cars.  This is important because if a consumer can’t find a vehicle in the color they want, nearly 40 percent will often switch brands to find a car in the color of their choice.

Resale Value Can Be Affected By The Color Of Your Car

It’s true, if you have a neon yellow, lime green or purple car, it may take longer to find a new owner and it may result in greater depreciation of the car’s worth.  Whereas, if your car is among the most popular colors, you’ll likely enjoy greater resale value and a quick turnover. However, if you have a sporty convertible or other sports car, a brighter color may not affect its resale value as much, simply because people expect vivid colors for sporty vehicles.

Myths Related To Car Colors

Once and for all, let’s dispel the myth that it costs more to insure a red car or that red cars are pulled over more often for speeding tickets.  Red cars get an unfair, bad rap!  To set the record straight, it does not cost more to insure a red vehicle.  However, a red car may cost more at the dealership than a black car.  Red paint is more expensive and it usually requires a special finishing to protect it from fading.  The color most often pulled over by the police for speeding violations?  That would be white, not red!

Come To CardinaleWay Mazda Corona For Your Next Vehicle

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