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Bring Your Vehicle To CardinaleWay Mazda Corona And Let Us Check Your Vehicle’s Belts And Hoses

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Wear and tear of your vehicle’s belts and hoses occur over time.  What most people fail to realize is that it’s important to regularly maintain your vehicle’s belts and hoses to keep your vehicle running smoothly.  At CardinaleWay Mazda Corona, we recommend that you bring your vehicle to us annually for a preventative maintenance check-up that includes checking for signs of wear and tear on timing belts, serpentine belts and hoses.

Why Your Vehicle’s Belts Are Important

Your vehicle’s timing belt drives the camshaft, which is critical because that is what keeps your engine running. Our Service technician will look for signs including worn teeth, fraying of the belt, or perhaps you may report that your engine backfires. The serpentine belts transfer power to different parts of the engine.  If the serpentine belts break, this can possibly cause damage to your engine.  That’s why our Service technicians will thoroughly check your vehicle’s serpentine belt for any signs of cracking or slippage.

The Low-Down On Hoses

Our Service technician will also check your vehicle’s hoses, specifically looking for any wear and tear, cracks or leaks.  If there is significant wear and tear, our Service technician will repair or replace the hose(s) as necessary.  If you adhere to a regular maintenance schedule for your vehicle, you can be confident that your vehicle will continue running smoothly.  Our Service department is here to help you prolong the life of your vehicle!

At CardinaleWay #MazdaCorona, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to our valued customers and their vehicles.  We encourage you to bring your vehicle to us for all your auto maintenance and service needs. Stop by anytime and browse our impressive selection of new and Certified Preowned vehicles.  From the latest Mazda sports car like the hardtop Miata to the family-friendly three-row Mazda CX-9, we’ve got a vehicle to fit every lifestyle and budget.  See our website at for all your automotive needs.





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