So Someone Took a Miata and Made it Lighter


Until recently, you would have been able to find a customized Miata named ‘Miata-ish’ for sale on Craigslist. While the ad can no longer be found online, the vehicle is most likely now sitting in a car enthusiast’s garage or burning rubber on a race track. Regardless of its current location, it is certainly one of the most unique Miatas ever. The owner of ‘Miata-ish’ simply used what was already there on a 1991 Mazda Miata, stripped off whatever he thought was not necessary, and converted it into sort-of a race-kart-like vehicle. According to the owner, all you need on a car are the basics that hold it together, strip off everything else, and you have a much lighter vehicle that is much more fun to drive.

The ‘Miata-ish’ weighs about 1,500 pounds which makes it friendlier for drifting, burnouts and fast driving. The car is blue, has been lowered and caged and was previously used for amateur racing.

The owner has also uploaded a ‘Miata-ish’ video to YouTube. It shows him working on the car from the beginning. According to the video, the only money that was spent on the car was on the custom-built roll cage.

On a more practical note, according to the owner, the real reason why he started on the project was because he wanted spare Miata parts. The ‘Miata-ish’ weighs more in the front than the rear, however, despite the balance issues, according to the owner, the car was much easier to ‘throw sideways’ than a stock Miata.

The asking price of ‘Miata-ish’ had been $2,000.

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