The SkyActiv Feature: A New Technology For Mazda’s CX-5, Part I

Mazda Cx-5 1

Up until now, Subaru’s Forester has been pitted against the CX-5 in fierce competition. Yes, the Forester has had plenty to offer in its class but the CX-5 has never fallen behind. It hit the market with stylish body lines, an impressive powertrain and a collection of great features. It’s also always shown good drivability in urban and off-road settings. However, once the SkyActiv-D powertrain was introduced, the CX-5 became the clear choice crossover in all of its class.


Let’s talk about what makes the SkyActiv-D powertrain so valuable. The transmission is able to move more effectively with its new parts. They have been redesigned to be lighter and therefore, a lot faster. There are also automatics that immobilize torque converters faster, so that the engine is more powerful while still performing at a pace that’s best for fuel economy. The new powertrain is powerful, while still lighter and has good NVH isolation.


Something else worth mentioning is that the labcoats over at Mazda have instituted a way to get a compression ratio down to 14:1. Because of this, it is able to avoid the weight of a diesel engine and instead be much lighter. This makes for a faster and more effective engine. So, if saving on gas is important to you, take note. A lighter engine means less fuel is used to pull that extra weight. You save gas! Apart from saving on fuel, you also get a more powerful engine that’s also quieter. If you’ve heard a diesel engine running, you know what we mean. None of that here!


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