Service Your Vehicle’s Air-Conditioning System At CardinaleWay Mazda Corona

Your vehicle’s air-conditioning system works to remove the hot air from inside the vehicle and keep cold air blowing.  This helps to bring down the cabin’s temperature. The primary components of a vehicle’s air-conditioning system include the compressor, condenser, evaporator, metering device, and hoses.  It must also have R-134A refrigerant, a chemical compound that replaced Freon that was used for years.  As the air-conditioner compressor spins, it pressurizes the refrigerant to produce cold air.  The faster the compressor spins, the colder the air.


Let Us Service Your Vehicle’s Air-Conditioning System

If you bring your vehicle to us for servicing, one of the first things that our Service technician will check for is the amount of pressure in your vehicle’s air-conditioning system.  More refrigerant will be added to recharge the air-conditioning system if the pressure is low.  After adding more refrigerant, the pressure will be re-checked.  If it’s still low, it could indicate a leak in the air-conditioning system.  Another possibility, especially in older vehicles, is that your air-conditioning system’s compressor is failing and may need to be replaced.  Our Service technicians can diagnose and correct either of these problems.  Keep in mind there are other possible causes for your vehicle’s air-conditioning system to underperform.  For example, if you run over a rock or other debris hits the underside of your vehicle, it could damage the air-conditioning system’s condenser.


Stay Cool In Your Vehicle During Hot Weather

CardinaleWay Mazda Corona wants to help you stay cool in your vehicle during the hot summer months.  Prepare your vehicle to handle the sizzling California summer temperatures, so that you can enjoy those road trips you’ve been planning!


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