Quick Auto Maintenance Checkups You Can Do Yourself

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It’s a good idea to get yourself in the regular habit of routine automotive maintenance.  One thing that you can do yourself is to check your vehicle’s fluids monthly.  It should only take 5 to 10 minutes at the most, and your vehicle will benefit from diligent auto maintenance.  The following are the five automotive fluids that you should check every 30 days:


  1. Obviously, engine oil is critical to lubricating the engine parts to keep them moving. You’ll find that the other fluids listed here will seldom require replacing.  That’s not the case with engine oil, as it requires regular oil filter changes and adding oil as necessary.  To check the level of oil, locate the dipstick in your oil reservoir and pull it out.  Wipe it off with a cloth or rag,  then reinsert it and remove again.  Hold it up so that you can check the level of oil registering on the dipstick.  If required, add more oil.  Refer to your owner’s manual for the type of oil that is recommended and for the frequency required for an oil filter change.


  1. Transmission Fluid is keeps your transmission running smoothly. If your transmission doesn’t work, your car is going to have difficulty shifting gears and you’re not going anywhere.  You’ll want to locate your transmission fluid reservoir and check the fluid while the engine is running.  See that the fluid is up to the mark.  If it’s low, brown or smells burned, you should make an appointment with our CardinaleWay Mazda Corona Service department to have it replaced.


  1. Power Steering Fluid keeps your power steering system lubricated. This is necessary so that your steering wheel turns easily.  Look for the reservoir holding the power steering fluid and check to be sure it isn’t low.  If it’s low, make an appointment with our Service department.  We’ll be glad to inspect it for a possible leak or if necessary, add more power steering fluid.


  1. Brake Fluid keeps your brakes in good working order. Locate the reservoir that contains the brake fluid and check the level.  You’ll also need to check to ensure the color of the fluid is gold.  If it’s not gold, or if it the fluid is low, take your vehicle to our Service department to have it replaced.


  1. Coolant prevents your car from overheating. The last thing you want is to be stranded on the roadside with an overheated engine.  To check your coolant, remove the radiator cap when the car is not running.  This is important so that you don’t burn yourself when touching a hot radiator cap.  Check that the coolant lines up with its level mark.  Be sure to add more of the same brand of coolant if it’s low.


Taking the time to regularly check your vehicle’s fluids can help prevent costly breakdowns and extend the life of your car.  Our Service department at CardinaleWay Mazda Corona can assist you with regular vehicle maintenance, including oil filter changes.  While you’re here, check out a Mazda sports car or a #CertifiedPreowned vehicle.  At your CardinaleWay Corona Dealership, we pride ourselves on making our customer satisfaction our #1 goal.  Visit our website at www.CardinaleWayMazdaCorona.com for all our latest specials.






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