What you Need to Know about Spec Miata-II

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As discussed in part I, the Spec Miata was a rage on the motor racing tracks, back when it was introduced in the year 2000.The car was a part of the spec series that was created after making a few specific modifications in the Mazda Miata. The club-racing car, Spec Miata dominated the entry level class of automobiles for the amateur racers.

As per the former chairman of the SCC Club Racing Board Bob Dowie, the spec Miata was invented by David delGenio and Shannon McMAsters. Shannon recalls, that way back in 1997, he was involved with the production of Spec RX-7 Class of Mazda. However, the car wasn’t doing so well in the market since it was about ten years old by then. At the same time, there were numerous Showroom Stock Miatas that were ageing too. He then decided to build four Spec Racer Miatas, and introduce them in the SCCA class as a demo. As expected, the Spec Miata dominated the scene at the SCCA Showroom Stock racing, by beating all the others.

After its huge success at the SCCA race, the Spec became a hot cake that every racer wanted to take home. Around 800 spec Miata modification kits were sold even before the spec was given a thumbs-up by the SCCA to compete in a national championship.

The SCCA was highly instrumental in the success of the Spec Miata and its growing popularity among the racers of that time. And with a strong backing by the Japanese automobile giant Mazda, the spec Miata’s popularity reached unprecedented levels.

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