Modifying the Handling in a Mazda 6

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The Mazda 6 in itself is a good car. By performing some tuning modifications, its performance can be further enhanced. Mazda 6’s handling can be improved by uprating the braking system through suspension modifications, lowering and weight reduction.

A strut brace is a metal/aluminum/carbon fiber bar that connects the suspension pillars together. Strut braces help to reduce body flexing. This allows for better cornering. The strut braces have to be precision-made. Most of them can be fine-tuned after fitting. A strut brace helps the car to maintain the originally calculated angles in the suspension geometry, no matter now heavy the load is. It also helps to get a better response from the chassis. A strut brace can be easily installed, all you need is an Allen key, a torque wrench, and a socket. Make sure the strut braces fit the struts, and that they will not touch or interfere with the engine or any other elements nearby.

Replacing the wheels can help to improve the Mazda 6’s handling. The lower the wheel weight, the more it will respond while changing direction. This means better handling when turning corners, slowing up or accelerating. Hence, it is better to keep the wheels of the Mazda 6 as light as possible, and not very high. Smaller wheels are lighter and help to increase the acceleration. However, they are not much for looks.

Making the Mazda 6 lighter will help to improve handling and performance. Lighter cars are quicker, and they are much better to handle. Removing the spare wheels can help to reduce weight. Racing seats are much lighter than regular seats. Replacing the glass windows with perspex helps to save weight. Body panels in aluminum, GRP fiberglass or carbon fiber helps to reduce the weight as well. Installing a roll cage will help to remove many metal parts from the car. Alloy wheels can help to reduce the overall weight of the car.

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