Modifying the Engine of Mazda 6



The Mazda 6 is one of, if not the most exciting and sporty midsize sedan on the market today that doesn’t come from a luxury oriented brand. However, available only with a 4-cylinder powertrain, drivers frequently gripe that the Mazda 6 is in need of more power. However, with only a few simple modifications, the Mazda 6 can easily exceed your performance expectations. We review some of these modifications below:

A simple modification that can be performed on a 2.0 engine is to get the head polished, ported, and gas flowed. Install a fast road cam matched to a few bigger valves. This in itself will give you a rev-happy Mazda 6.

Engine modification stages on the Mazda 6 can be divided into 3:

  • Stage 1 – Lighter flywheel, exhaust, remap, and panel air filter
  • Stage 2 – Fuel injector and fuel pump upgrades, polished and ported head, and fast road cam
  • Stage 3 – Competition cam, internal engine upgrades (valves/head/pistons), forced induction, and engine balancing

A sports exhaust made with good-quality stainless steel, with a sports catalyst, helps to free up the torque of the engine. Replacing the paper air filter with an induction kit with a cold air feed or a sports panel filter will help to increase torque band.

You may also consider forced induction with a supercharger. It is comparatively easier to add than a turbo. Lowering the compression ratio or using water injection (for the purpose of avoiding any issues with the detonation) will help to yield better results.

As far as the NASP engines are concerned, just remapping will not contribute to much power gain, however, when combined with other modifications, it can totally result in enhanced acceleration, and the release of maximum power for the rest of the modifications.

Adding a larger capacity turbo provides for increased power gains. Twincharging (addition of turbo and supercharger) is very popular nowadays. Improving the airflow through the engine results in a power gain. Larger injectors and performance fuel pumps are useful modifications.

Some of the other major engine upgrades include cryo treating, reboring, and balancing.

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