The Miata is Perfectly Balanced, Here’s Proof


Mazda vehicles are prime examples of good engineering. The MX-5 Miata is no exception. It is a perfectly balanced vehicle, thanks to Mazda staying true to the principle, ‘good engineering obeys the laws of physics’. MX-5 Miata’s reduced weight provides for a near-perfect 50/50 balance. Mazda used an extremely sensitive balance to test the vehicle. On the aluminum balance beam, the MX-5 Miata, along with its driver, remained perfectly balanced. The MX-5 weighs about 2,332 pounds.

The 4th generation MX-5 Miata, with all its safety, technological, and modern convenience features, still remains slim and nimble. It is a good reminder that the multi-generational models do not have to bloat. Many of the multi-generational vehicles in the market are bigger.

Throughout the history of MX-5, weight has contributed to the thrilling experience that the vehicle provides for the driver. Instead of using the conventional materials, Mazda has used aluminum to construct the bonnet, front fenders, rear and front bumpers, and the boot. This helps to keep the vehicle lighter and agile. The implementation of SkyActiv technology in the 4th generation MX-5 is also a major factor in reducing the overall weight of the car. The technology provides for improved fuel efficiency as well.

A 50/50 weight balance provides the driver with a smooth drive. Driving a vehicle that is well balanced is pure joy. The performance that the vehicle provides, and the knowledge that the vehicle is very safe to ride, helps to increase the confidence of the driver.

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