Mazda’s Support For LMP3 Engines Will Not Change

Mazda Engine

LMP3 cars have been successfully introduced in Europe and are set to make a run in the US at the beginning of next year. Mazda continues to be a great supporter of the Prototype Challenge series.

IMSA President Scott Atherton said that the Challenge was beneficial for everyone involved as fans got to witness great racing and giving young talent the platform to excel and progress to higher series like the IMSA WeatherTech Sportscar Championship. He also noted that they had taken feedback from competitors and engineers to make the platform a suitable one for prototypes.

John Doonan, Mazda’s Motorsports Directors also commented that Mazda was committed to providing opportunities for young talented crew members and budding drivers. He further said that the event was a great opportunity for those involved to move into Mazda’s Mazda Road to 24 program.

As far as the decision to not make the engines branded, Doonan said that the aim of their program from the beginning was not about badging but rather about development. He said that the program was a “whole new deal” where engineers from different brands could collaborate and excel. As an example of this he mentioned  Mazda engineers working with AER engineers on the prototypes. The event is set to get a significant boost next year thanks to LMP3 engines and Mazda’s support.

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