How Mazda’s SkyActiv Technology Changed The Industry

Mazda Engine

Much to the burden of auto manufacturers, SkyActiv has proven that CAFE standards can be reached. Many automakers have a problem with the standards and argue that consumers are not willing to spend more for the sake of fuel economy. Thus, they believe that creating harsher standards will not help the industry and might lead to loss of jobs throughout.

A double-edged sword

Experts note that SkyActiv is a double-edged sword – it has benefits but it also has it’s downfalls. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers have argued that CAFE standards judge them unfairly. However, clean climate campaigners have pointed Mazda’s success and note that other manufacturers are slowly adapting technologies to help with fuel economy. However, the problem is that unlike Mazda, other manufacturers offer a variety of cars from SUVs to trucks. Achieving fuel economy across all these classes involves significant investment and time.

Mazda manufacturers sedans mostly and it is easier for them to adapt SkyActiv engines throughout their fleet. However, when it comes to buying trends, Mazda is disadvantaged as recent reports suggest that consumers are buying bigger cars. But Mazda’s Director of Government and Public Affairs, Daniel Ryan, has emphasized that their main aim is to reach all Mazda buyers and provide them with the benefits of SkyActiv without any hassle.

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