Mazda’s Koeru Concept Boldly Takes on Outback

CardinaleWay Mazda - Mesa 1_KoeruConcept

The Koeru, Mazda’s latest concept car, debuted in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. CEO Masamichi Kogai notes that the concept is “unrelated to anything in (Mazda’s) current portfolio.” Recognizing that the SUV/crossover segment is growing a rapid clip, Mazda’s leader said of the Kogai, “It’s a lower, sporty SUV…close to a wagon. (The Keoru) aims to generate more driving pleasure.” With its low-profile and five-door layout, the sporty crossover/wagon will be an alternative to the CX-5 and CS-3. Kogai references the Koeru’s similarity to the Subaru Outback, confirming it will be in “that kind of genre.” Noting the popularity of the Outback in a recent article, mentions the Outback as “one of those automotive bogeys that competitors seek to imitate but never quite capture.” Yet Mazda is well-positioned to unseat the Subaru Outback in more than just exterior styling. Shape sells, even if performance or actual utility remains unchanged. That said, with its motto, “Driving Matters”, Mazda is unlikely to debut such a departure from its current lineup, based on sheer looks alone. The Koeru, anticipated to hit the market with the revived CX-7 name, will join a family of award-winning CUVs and SUVs that are known for enhancing the driving experience in both form and function. Stay updated by contacting CardinaleWay Mazda in Corona today.





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