Mazda6: What’s To Come in 2017, Part II

Mazda 6 2017 2

It’s already November and we are getting ready for the new year. Many of you have been inquiring about our new 2017 lineup and what Mazda has done to improve on your faves. You’ll be really happy to know that Mazda has really stepped it up in way that will make you feel all the more confident and comfortable in your drive. As you may very well know, Mazda is committed to improving your driving experience in every aspect. Every inch of a Mazda car is tailored to increase performance, comfort, drivability and appeal. We can’t wait to show you how lush the new 2017 #Mazda6 is. So, please, after reading this–come visit us today!


Let’s start with the gorgeous interior. The cabin is as wonderful as before, but more luxurious. Mazda really hits you with absolute elegance. For the price that you’re paying, you just won’t score anything better than this. It’s covered in leather upholstery and ergonomic curves that cradles every part of you. The material between the layers of leather are all so soft and inviting. New revisions include a leather (heated) steering wheel, vibrant metal-like lacing, full color display on console and pop up heads-up display, and heated seats (front and rear). You also get a much more peaceful drive with better sound insulation.


Mazda 6 2017


So… that’s our newest Mazda6! Isn’t it grand? But don’t stop there. Come get cozy in one. They’re so lush. And quiet. And smooth.


Anyway, let us walk you through one. You’ll be happy you took the time to see one! If you’d like to view our current inventory before you get here, please visit us online at We’ve got all of our new and certified pre-owned vehicles listed there. We looking forward to meeting you!







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