The Mazda6 Is Back With G-Vectoring Control


The #Mazda6 has always been one of Mazda’s most popular models, along with the Mazda3. Now it’s gotten even better with the introduction of Mazda’s exclusive new system called G-Vectoring Control and its fans are incredibly excited about this new engine improvement. In case you haven’t heard of it until now, we’re ready to explain what it is and what it means to you. Please keep reading!


We’ll begin by talking a little bit about Mazda’s vision for drivers. It’s very relevant to how this system operates. Since the beginning, Mazda has established itself as an innovator and creative car maker amongst the bunches of manufacturers out there. Mazda wants to bring you a car that doesn’t feel like a machine you are operating, but more like an extension of your own body. It’s incredible how Mazda comes back every year with designs and improvements that do just that.
G-Vectoring Control is a computer software that is installed in the car. It basically works to shift the weight of the car forward or backward, depending on whether it’s accelerating or decelerating. A shift of weight to the front of the car when decelerating would even out the momentum of the car and give the driver more control behind the wheel, and vice versa. G-Vectoring activates at any speed. Cornering response is smoother when you’re making fast wide turns (even minimal ones). The wheels grip the road more effectively and you’ll experience less dragging or swerving on the road. Switching lanes is easier, too. Overall, the drive is more purposeful and direct without a messy, skiddy drive. The steering wheel feels so smooth and responsive. The feeling is luxurious.


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