Mazda Introduces Its Latest Technological Advance: Aqua-Tech Paint System

CardinaleWay Mazda Corona, your favorite Corona Dealership, has the scoop on Mazda’s latest technological breakthrough.  It’s an innovative approach to painting its vehicles that positively impacts our environment.  We love to hear about ways that companies find to protect our environment.

Mazda’s New Three-Layer Painting System

Mazda recently announced that it has created a three-layer painting system called Aqua-Tech.  Apparently, this is an entirely new and unique system because it accurately paints vehicles with an entirely robotic painting system.  As you can imagine, this was a major research and development project, requiring countless man hours.  Developing a painting system that was an improvement on its predecessor required a system that worked flawlessly with the goal of reducing waste.  Inside Mazda reports that there were two major objectives achieved with the Aqua-Tech paint system: even application of a uniform thickness of paint and improving the overall efficiency in the actual painting process.  A benefit of the new Aqua-Tech painting system was that the painting process enhanced the paint job, making it appear glossier, while also significantly reducing waste.  That was accomplished since the Aqua-Tech paint system is water-based.  Therefore, it was able to reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds by a whopping 78 percent compared to other competing methods!  Committed to preserving our environment, Mazda has once again proved that it has an environmentally friendly agenda.

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