Mazda Idling Stop: What you Need to Know

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Idling Stop (i-Stop) technology helps to save fuel by turning the engine off when the vehicle is stationary and then turning the engine back on when the vehicle starts to move again. The system helps to improve fuel economy. The stopping and restarting of the engine is barely noticeable. One of the main reasons why this technology failed to gain popularity before it was introduced by Mazda was because of the time it took to restart the engine. Also, the engine used to produce sound and vibration during starting and stopping. Mazda was able to overcome all these difficulties/problems and successfully introduced i-Stop to the market.

Idling Stop technology with gasoline engines

The engine is restarted through combustion. Fuel is injected directly into a cylinder when the engine is stopped. It is then ignited to produce downward piston force. The i-Stop system ensures that the pistons are in the correct position during engine shutdown. It will then identify the first cylinder for injecting the fuel. The fuel is injected and then it is ignited to start the engine again. Even at low rpm, the system will identify the ideal cylinder for sequential ignition. The technology enables the system to restart the engine with the same timing all the time. This provides for optimum fuel economy. The restart actually takes only about 0.35 seconds.

Idling Stop technology with diesel engines

When it comes to diesel engines, the system compresses the air-fuel mixture for a spontaneous combustion. The system needs only a single cycle because of the accurate control of the positions of the pistons. The restart time is approximately 0.40 seconds.

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