Mazda Is Getting More Luxurious Than Ever Before

Mazda 2

Driving a luxury car completely changes expectations of what driving should feel like. For example, inside of a $100,000 luxury vehicle, you get to see how many features exist just to make the driving experience as easy and pleasant as possible. Sure, the vehicle looks great from afar, but its the features inside that really allures drivers. As Mazda continues to develop new features and technologies designed to ease the drive, it’s carving itself a spot in the luxury department.


Of all the Mazda models, the Mazda6 is the first one to inherit one of these luxury features. G-Vectoring Control is a system designed to even out every bump, jerk and drag on the road. Because of it, driving a car is now less unpredictable and much smoother. It activates at just the right time, working to minimize driver fatigue. The steering wheel is much more responsive and direct with its movements.


If you find yourself having to drive long distances, whether it’s throughout the week commuting to work or road trips outside the city, Mazda aims to alleviate that driver fatigue brought on by steering conditions.


Road noise in the cabin–which can add to stress felt while driving long distances–is significantly diminished by improved sound insulation on the doors and around the windows.


The Mazda6 is voted the best sedan by Car and Driver and starts at a base price of $21,945. The features and price put it at fierce competition with other sedans in its class.
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