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A ‘Sustainable Zoom-Zoom’ plan was announced by Mazda in the year 2007. It detailed Mazda’s vision for technology development in the long-term. The vision included making high-performance, environmentally-friendly, and attractive cars. Following up on the plan, in the year 2008, Mazda announced that by the year 2015, the company would start selling fuel-efficient cars, worldwide. Technology has made it possible in the recent years to make hybrid and electric vehicles mainstream. Nowadays, the engine, body, transmission, chassis, and other parts of the vehicles are augmented with the help of technology. However, internal combustion engines will still power many vehicles for a very long time.

As of now, Mazda is concentrating on improving the thermal efficiency of engines, and vehicle body weight reduction, all the while adopting a strategy to introduce technology gradually into their vehicle systems, like the brake energy regeneration system, hybrid, and so on. By adopting such a strategy, Mazda plans to make cars that are environmentally-friendly but are not limited by the various environmental needs.

  • SkyActiv technology – The technologies include SkyActiv-G (highly efficient direct injection gasoline engine), SkyActiv-D (clean diesel engine), SkyActiv Drive (fuel-efficient 6-speed automatic transmission), SkyActiv MT (efficient 6-speed manual transmission), SkyActiv Chassis, and SkyActiv Body.
  • Idling Stop Technology – For saving fuel.
  • Brake Energy Regeneration System – Helps to recover kinetic energy and reuse it as power/electricity.
  • Electric vehicle – Electric-powered vehicle.
  • Hydrogen Vehicle – Eco-friendly.
  • Promoting Vehicle Recycling – Using recycled bumper plastics in new vehicle bumpers.
  • Bio-based plastics – Environmental-friendly material.

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