The Mazda CX-5: The Best Compact SUV On The Market

Mazda CX-5 2

The CX-5 is an amazing SUV. It’s insanely popular at Mazda and we know why. This compact SUV has a lot offer without taking away from crucial areas that are so important for any vehicle. It wins in power, drivability, safety features, driver assisting, braking–we could go on and on. It’s a whole deal. A great deal!


The adaptive cruise control feature on the #MazdaCX-5 has automated braking. What’s more is that the Grand Touring trim provides additional braking support called Smart City Brake Support (SCBS) and Smart Brake Support (SBS).


The SCBS consists of a near-infrared laser mounted on the windshield that tracks the car in front while you’re driving at low speeds. If your car approaches the car in front and suddenly that the distance is dangerous, the CX-5 will brake suddenly and help you avoid collision. Even better news? This feature also works when you’re in reverse! There are two sensors located in the back that can detect objects at 1-2.5 mph and will brake the car if it gets too close for comfort.


The SBS is different in that it gives a warning before braking the car. This will happen at higher speeds and the SBS is always on. No need to switch it on like you would adaptive cruise control. The warning is a red indicator that flashes “BRAKE” on the dash.
These features are just a few of many that are available in many Mazda models. The CX-5 is great car if you’re looking for a compact SUV that offers style, drivability, safety and comfort. For a test drive, come visit us at Cardinaleway Mazda in Corona. Our amazing sales staff is always happy to answer all your questions! We’d love to see you, please stop by! You can also check out our inventory online at






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