Mazda Comes Up with New Mantra

Mazda 3 comes up with new mantra

Mazda’s new U.S. marketing campaign is the automaker’s biggest campaign in two years and includes a 60-second spot called “A Driver’s Life” – narrated by Aaron Paul. Fifteen years after “Zoom-Zoom” first originated, Mazda is hoping to redefine its fun-to-drive message by launching its biggest U.S. marketing campaign in two years. The new campaign uses the tag line: “Driving Matters.” Russell Wager, Vice President of U.S. Marketing at Mazda, said: “When we go into a focus group, we do a first opening statement. ‘When I say Mazda, what do you think of?’ Nine times out of 10 they say ‘Zoom-Zoom.’ Then I’ll ask them to explain to me what ‘Zoom-Zoom’ means, and I’ll get six or seven different answers. That’s what Driving Matters is supposed to address. It’s supposed to solidify what ‘Zoom-Zoom’ means to people.” If you would like to read the full artilce please click on the link below:




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